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123flashchat flash chat software and what happened to it?

Chatters who used 123flashchat knew about their chat interface and how it works. For example, we still(2017) using 123flashchat chat software until today for our desktop users. Those chat software are easy to use, easy to manage and it can handle upto 1000 active chatters at a time without any lagg. This software got special and easy user interface than any other chat software. Their options, settings and video chatting method are kinda special with more user friendly setup.

What happened to it? Why did they closed it?

For past two years, they are out of business and those who bought their software lost support and no more updates. We tried our best to contact them through online and other ways. But, we got information that they moved to new mobile platform application which generates more revenue for them like whatsapp and a new kind of mobile video chatting experience only for Asians. Well, still hundreds of chat rooms using 123flashchat software to create their own chatting website. For example, and . We are using this chat software and there is no one alternative chat software which contains same kind of user-friendly interface. We have no options to move to new chat script.


Disadvantage :

  • There are hundreds of tricks and spammy tricks in 123flashchat.
  • More leaked exploits for 123flashchat.
  • Redirect attacks, Spam, Ban releasing method and more flash exploits.

Soon, we gonna release more tricks and tips of 123flashchat software. Be updated by checking our blog again later.

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