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Wow its 2017 and a good start. Our chat room website is fully responsive and have a perfect theme. Yup its our new year update, we updated our site layout and made it fully responsive site. Now all our mobile and desktop users can access our website through the same



We have good news for you guys, guess what it is? No idea? or someone might already figured it out from the title itself 😛 I know you guys are smart because you are zozo chatters.

Well, we increased our webcam quality to Standard HD video streaming cams. Now you can watch or

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Good News!!

We made some serious update in our roulette chat script.

  • New design and look
  • Faster connection and instant audio, video chat with strangers.
  • Real time sex experience with male or female partner.
  • More smiles and font updates.
  • Gender based search and settings.

Improvements :

In our old roulette


Last day we made some serious updates in our zozo chat room. People are so excited and happy to see our new chat room and many chatters are happy about new smilies and style.

Reason for the Update :

  1. Spam proof ( You can’t paste anything in our chat text area

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