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The Journey, Warrior


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Chapter 11, Damn they are big!

Cole nodded and spurred his horse on. They raced on through Edena, charging through the portcullis and down the cobbled path, Nekonata heard a loud whistle coming from behind, he saw Pat on Malhela. Nekonata slowed down:-

“I can take you to where you need to go, the flowers have been seen at the entrance to a cave in the cliffs, it’s closer than the fields.”

“Lead on Pat,” Nekonata called out.

Pat swiftly turned on the horse and started galloping around the side of Edena Village.

“We need to make haste!” Shouted Nekonata, “No rest tonight!”

The contingent followed in close formation, Nekonata rode at the head with Pat.

Slowly the terrain started to turn from grass to gravel and rocks, they slowed down so they didn’t hurt the horses. “Single file here!” Pat called out. Nekonata turned and nodded and the soldiers fell into line.

Suddenly Nekonata heard howl's coming from the woods on their left. He raised his hand to signal everyone one should stop.

“Damn they are big!” Whispered Nekonata. He looked down to his girls, their ears pricked up, fur standing, after a moment they both snarled viciously.

“Mountain Wolves,” Pat told Nekonata. “They are much bigger than your girls,” Pat said looking down. “Not long ago Vivi made a pact with them, that he would offer them wards of protection if they kept the perimeters of the Village clear of danger. Their chief has passed away and there has been some upset about who should be the next in line.”

Nekonata nodded, “Do they speak our language?” Pat nodded his head. “Do you know the mechanics of how they would choose their next leader?” Pat shook his head and Nekonata nodded again. “We move slowly, make sure your weapons are at the ready and do not draw unless danger is imminent!”

Pat nodded and started to lead the way again, they arrived at the cliffs to find that the mountain wolves had made it their den. “The flower you need is inside the cave… there is like a rock pool in the middle of it and inside that is an island where the flower grows… you’d have to swim to reach it.” Pat whispered.

Nekonata nodded. He moved slowly forward towards the cave entrance. The wolves were protecting their mates and their cubs. One of the female wolfs was moaning and complaining of severe pain. Nekonata thinking quickly decided to take advantage of this. He turned to Pat, “Stay back with the troops, be on alert. DO NOT attack unless I give the thumbs-up signal.” Pat nodded and moved back slowly and cautiously under cover of the tall grass.

Nekonata sheathed his sword and stood up with his arms raised, the wolves reacted quickly, surrounding their families in a semi-circular formation. “Mine being is here to help, I mean you not any harm. All I ask is for help in return.”

A white wolf stepped forward. Santaya and Kristolia moved forward and bowed to the wolf. “What help could you possibly want from us Human?” Snarled the White Wolf.

“The orange flower, it is a curable remedy I need for a very very dear friend. If you help me, I can help her.” Nekonata nodded towards the wolf in pain.

The white wolf growled and the rest of the wolves moved to make a path for Nekonata to walk through. He slowly walked forward and knelt down. “May I ask your name?”

“Auburn is her name.” The white wolf answered.

“Auburn I am going to touch your stomach, you will feel the warmth from my hands it will ease your pain and relax you.” Nekonata touched her stomach and his hands glowed purple. Auburn relaxed immediately, a cubs legs appeared from her rear end, and then slowly a head started to show.

“Auburn the only way for me to help you now is if I pull, I need you to take a deep breath and to push then I will pull.” Auburn nodded faintly and did as she was asked to the best of her ability. Nekonata pulled as she breathed,

After a short while, Auburn’s baby was born. “It’s a male,” Nekonata said quietly placing the cub in front of Auburn. The baby cub was white and light brown in colour, it also had purple eyes. Nekonata felt a strange connection with the cub, one he did not understand.

“He is bigger than all the other cubs. He looks stronger and healthier.” Commented, the white wolf.

“He has a good strong life ahead of him. He will make you proud. He will grow to be the biggest of your kind ever to exist.”

Nekonata stood up slowly and stepped back away from Auburn and looked at the white wolf. “The golden flower, please? May I swim through to get it?”

The white wolf looked behind him. “Walk… Trust in your instinct and you need not swim.”

Nekonata unclasped his cloak and let it drop to the floor. His armour shimmered in the fading light of the sun. He walked forward slowly, testing his footing on the water, he slowly moved forward the water crept over his feet but he didn’t sink, it was like he was on an invisible path. He reached the island in the middle of the cave lake, and Nekonata knelt down he dug into the soil with his hands until he found the root of the flower. He carefully lifted the flower from the ground and placed it into a small satchel.

“I will name him Tunstall!” The white wolf said to Nekonata. “You have done my kind a great service today. We will forever be in your debt. If you ever need help, send your one of your girls and we will come.”

“Thank you!” Replied Nekonata bowing slightly. “I must be on mine way, mine friend is in dire need of this cure, I thank you once more.”

“Human!” The white wolf called out. Nekonata stopped. “My name is Convel.” The great wolf bowed slightly.

With that Nekonata ran through jumping over the wolves that were laid down, he met his contingent of troops, and together they all set off.

“No rest!” Nekonata shouted. “Straight back to Edena, stay information!”

Nekonata and Pat stayed at the front to lead, the rest of the troops fell back into columns of 4 abreast.


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Chapter 12, A Strange Beast.

The sun started to rise and Edena could be seen close by. Nekonata saw something shimmering flying towards him fast, he turned his body slightly to the side, using his reflexes his arm shot up in the air stopping it before it hit him. It was an arrow:-

“ON YOUR GUARD!!!” Nekonata looked in the direction the arrow came from. “Pat, yellow banner with a snake?”

“Humans from Baylon Plains,” Pat replied. “I have no idea what they are doing here though, we need to send message to Vivi.”

Nekonata found a scrap of parchment from inside his robes, wrote a message and put it in a thin leather tube. “Santaya you are the fastest, straight to Master Vivi, then back here, I need you at mine side beautiful,” Santaya growled wagging her tail and shot off towards Edena.

“The arrow came from the forest of there, they have strong archers for it to make this distance.” Nekonata looked around at the soldiers with him. “I can’t see how many are there hiding behind the trees. I need to find out somehow;-“

Just then a small swallow hurtled from the sky flying fast towards him, the bird spread its wings to slow its descent landing on Kimbo heads.

“Saluton well met Meera the Swallow!” Said Nekonata smiling.

“Althor is coming from the North to meet Vivi, he will be here by this eve. Gabija will be riding with him. Vivi told me to bring this message.”

“Thank you, Meera, but right now we have a problem. Could you help me with something please?” Meera nodded. “In the forest, humans are hiding, they’ve made their presence known by firing an arrow. Problem is we’ve no idea how many are there, could you have a look?”

Meera stretched her wings, “Of course.”

“Ok, we move back out of their range. We wait for Meera to return, then we will make a decision on our next course of action. Keep your eyes peeled and be on guard at all times. The horses need to rest, stable boy you're up.”

Nekonata dismounted and walked forward, he looked to his right and saw Edena Village. It was now noon and Santaya would be back any moment. Kristolia lay next to him in the grass whining. Nekonata noticed a small shadow from the corner of his eye, he looked up to see Meera was on her way back. He held out his hand so the little bird could land.

“Sorry I took so long.” She said panting. “There is 700 of them at least. Some of them are riding beasts, I know not what they are, they look like wolves but much much bigger with tusks.”

“Ingmars they are called,” Joseph said as he jumped off his horse. “Nasty things they are.”

“Where do Ingmars come from?”

“Bretheran Abyss.” After a short pause. “They have not been seen for a very long time. They are clever and very agile. It is said they are some kind of descendants from the Dragons. Dragons, of course, refuse to acknowledge that. Thousands of years ago the Dragons came in search of new fertile land, they flew for days on end until they found this land of ours. Ingmar's already lived here, so naturally, there was a war, it was a very bloody war that reduced the size of both their species dramatically. Some kind of peace treaty was arranged. The Dragons chose Termini Cliffs and the rest of the mountains, while the Ingmars chose the desert caves which they themselves called Bretheran Abyss. This is strange and disturbing.”

“Santaya you must rest… Kristolia I need your help, it is time to ask our new allies for help.” Kristolia bowed her head and ran off faster than she’d ever run before.

Kristolia ran through the forest straight for the cliffs, she could sense the tension in the air. Her hatred for leaving her friends behind was strong but knew her task was important. How she wished she could talk like the others. That was her dream!

Kristolia arrived at a Birch tree, and slowed down, she could see the White Wolf through the grass and reeds. She slowly walked forward so all the wolves could see her, she bent her back legs slightly and planted her front paws firmly in the ground, she snarled showing her pristine fangs and then howled as loud as she could, asking for help from the White Wolf.

The White Wolf walked across the clearing with slow long strides, stopping in front of Kristolia,

“You can’t speak can you?”

Kristolia shook her head, and bowed her head, but stayed strong and proud.

“The man known as Nekonata calls for our help, we owe him this! So get in your packs and let’s march!”

Nekonata noticed Santaya running back to him in the distance closely followed by Vivi on a light brown horse.

“Nekonata do you have any plans?” Vivi asked quietly.

Nekonata shook his head, he had ordered his troops to dig a trench spanning the length of their camp. He knew full well that it would not be enough to protect them. “Do you have any suggestions? We are unable to access any wood to make stakes to put into the trench, we have very limited arrows and lances.”

“It is time you trust in yourself and in your abilities!” Vivi paused looking around. “You have whether you believe it or not the ability to take on ten thousand men, you just have to believe in yourself.”

“They are making their final preparations,” Meera called out from above.

“Cole!” The soldier stepped forward. “How many spears do we have?”

“Each troop carries 3 spears, as per the requirement with regiment rules, two long shafts and one short Sir.”

Nekonata jumped from the saddle of his horse and walked towards the trench, he tested the ground with his feet near to the edge of the trench. “Vivi, have you any idea how far these Ingmars can jump?”

“Around 40 feet in distance and 20 feet or so in height.”

“Pass me a spear Cole, we have 600 long shaft spears, I want them planted into the ground at an angle facing towards the trench, I want three rows offset with each other at intervals going along the length of the trench.”

Cole nodded and gave out orders to some soldiers that had just rested.

“How many arrows do we have?”

“We all have two satchels of 20 arrows each Sir.”

Nekonata nodded, thinking about how he could the best use out of them. “Ok, I want short spears at the front with shields. I want one row of arrows, then swords, then the rest of the arrows behind. The mounted cavalry will again split into three, there will be a centre, left and a right. Arrows must not be wasted if possible. All archers must try their best to aim true!”

Cole nodded and ran off to give his orders. Nekonata heard howls from the distance. He dropped to his knees and put his ear to the ground. “Our new allies are getting closer. They are around 2 hours away, let’s hope they get here in time.”

Vivi nodded his head. “Is the flower ok?”

Nekonata opened his bag and showed Vivi the flower. “It's fine, but I have no idea how long for.”

“Hand it to me, and I will start the potion. Quickly now.”

Nekonata did as he was told.


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Chapter 13, Potion Time

Vivi clapped his hands together, a mortar and pestle suddenly appeared on his lap. He pulled the petals of the flower, crushed them and ground them in the pestle

“A dash of salt, and some cinnamon, and the yellow flower powder, and a splash of water!” Vivi waved his hand and the mortar started to move on its own, grinding and mixing all the ingredients together… “Dragon scales, and some newts.” Vivi paused looking in his satchel. “I can’t find the vial… where is the vial?”

Nekonata looked at Vivi confused, he scratched the side of his leg and felt something cold in his pocket. He pulled it out, and found the silvery black liquid vial that he was shown in Tara’s bedroom. “You mean this one?” Nekonata said gently tossing it to Vivi.

Vivi caught it and grunted at him, then poured the whole contents into the pestle. Vivi stood up, walked up to Nekonata with a knife in his hand, and in one swift motion cut a lock of hair from his head. He threw the locks into the pestle, and there was a hiss, then a bang and then some smoke. The concoction started to glow purple. Vivi poured the now purple liquid into a vial and called for Meera.

The little swallow showed up while she was still airborne Vivi threw the vial into the air. “For Tarasque, you know what to do!” The swallow caught the vial and flew straight for Edena.

Chapter 14, Fools you say?

The sun was now fading behind the forest, enemy fires were lit. “No fires!” Ordered Nekonata, “They will attack soon! For this we must trust in our instincts, myself and Master Vivi will guide you when we can.” Nekonata dismounted.

“Convel thank you for coming to our aid.” Nekonata bowed. “You will have to forgive me, I am unfamiliar with your military formations. I have a line of short lances with shields, followed by archers, and then by swords, and lastly more archers, our mounted cavalry will split into three forming formations to attack from left to right and behind.”

Convel bowed his head to Vivi and nodded slightly towards Nekonata. “I smell Ingmars” He growled, “How many?”

“700 men we are unsure about the amount of Ingmar's, I would hazard a guess to around 200,” Vivi replied.

The white wolf growled again, as did the rest of his kind. Vivi put his hand in the air stopping them from making too much noise.

“Convel we need the element of surprise, I know you are fast, and I mean not to offend. Would it possible for you to leave some of your packs here to help on the front line and have the rest of your packs split into three to follow the mounted cavalry from behind?”

“Hmm, Master Vivi is still a sound tactician I see… Nonsk, Keal, and Malk you know what to do, get on with it. Pelk and Drac you’re with me!” The wolves bowed and obeyed.

Nekonata looked out, “There is a lone rider coming forward.”

“They want to negotiate?” Growled Convel.

“It is customary for humans to make an attempt at a peace treaty. Their demands will not be welcomed.” Vivi commented quietly.

“I did not think about this, our lance stakes and trench are too far and deep for us to walk through or jump over,” Nekonata looked around. “How are we to go to them to find out what they want?”

“Take Malhela.” Vivi waved his hand over, and the stable boy came forward with the black horse. “He will let you ride him. As long as he has a good enough run-up he can clear that.”

Nekonata took the reins and mounted the horse, they trotted back a distance, “Malhela start off slowly and build up your speed, I trust you, I believe in you!” Nekonata patted the horse on its neck. The horse reared up on his back legs and charged forward, his speed gaining faster and faster, Nekonata was holding on for his dear life. Everything whizzed past him like a blur, next thing he knew they were in the air hurtling forward over the trench. Malhela’s body tensed up as his front legs touched the floor carrying forward he skidded to a stop in front of the messenger.

The messenger was tall, black hair, dark coloured eyes, and a long beard.

“Our treaty is you will surrender. You will lay down your arms and let us pass. The village be ours to do what we please with. Your women will serve us and please us!”

“The answer is no, not now and not ever. I will give you two options.” Nekonata paused. “The first is you will turn around and go back hence where you are from… The second is if you don’t you will die and those that surrender will be taken prisoner, to do with what I please.”

The messenger scowled and spat at the floor. “You dare to insult us? You really have no idea who I am?”

“Oh please do tell me whom you are? I am very eager to know!”

“YOU FOOL!” He shook his head. “I pity you! For it is you who will die!”

A trumpet and a whistle was heard in the distance. Nekonata looked around, From the North there came the Dwarves and in amongst them the Elves.

Nekonata smiled and laughed dryly in front of the messenger. “I speak for Master Vivi, I speak for King Althor of the Dwarves, and I speak for Gabija of Clan Panther… It is you who I pity! Your last chance lay down your weapons and walk away, I promise you will not be harmed! The… choice… is… yours!”

Nekonata had Malhela slowly walk backwards without taking his eyes of the messenger, once he felt a safe distance away he had the black horse gallop back around the trench to meet Vivi at the edge of the camp.

“That was the horn of the Dwarf King, please tell me they are ok?” Vivi called out.

Nekonata jumped from the horse, “They are fine, I can see them from a few leagues away, but now they have made their presence known I am worried that enemy will attack them first.”

“Not if I can help it.” Growled the white wolf. “Jesser, daughter run forth at speed to meet and greet the Dwarves and Elves!” His daughter turned to run, “And Jesser do NOT forget your manners!”

Jesser nodded and ran off to do as she was asked.

Jesser stopped a distance in front of the oncoming army. Once closer, she stood and bowed her head gracefully.

“Saluton, I am Jesser, daughter of Chief Convel from the mountains. I am here with message, we are preparing for battle. Humans and Ingmars hide in the forest. Master Vivi and Nekonata asked to me warn you, should the enemy make a surprise attack on you.”

King Althor dismounted, he was just taller than the mountain wolf. He had long ginger hair, with a ginger beard tied in a plait the bottom tucked into his belt. He had dark knowing eyes. An axe and hammer were strapped to his back. “Hmm, a mountain wolf you be?” He walked around Jesser sizing her up. “You be big, yes big indeed. Hmm, first time I see mountain wolf, you be strange and beautiful!”

“Saluton Jesser.” Said Gabija, her voice soft as velvet. “Are we to join you in amongst your ranks?”

Jesser bowed again, “Nekonata is leading us in the battle, he felt he should leave it to you to decide on your course of action.”

Close by a horn sounded, strange growls pierced through the falling darkness.

“Ingmar!” Grumbled King Althor “I say we split half be half, your Majesty. Look they be advancing, it seems be that there cavalry going from round and back attack. Me that I like those odds. Good night for battle!”

The enemy marched through the forest, finally revealing themselves. There were a lot of gasps. The Ingmars were tall, taller than the mountain wolves. They had huge sabre-like fangs, big menacing orange eyes. They had dark scruffy long manes around their heads leading into a thin line going down their spine into their tails.

Nekonata’s mounted cavalry had disappeared into the low hills, the mountain wolves following close behind at 100 paces.

The enemy charged forward. The Ingmars were fast, they leapt into the air, some misjudged and fell to their deaths on the lance stakes on the edge of the trench, The soldiers threw their short lances at the enemy some hit the human riders on the back of the Ingmars, the other short lances bounced of the hides of the ferocious beasts. The archers lined up and took aim, and shot. Screams and shouts, pierced through the darkness. The short lancers moved back allowing the archers a little bit more freedom to move. They picked up their swords and shields.

The enemy now in full attack, did not see the mounted cavalry come from behind.

“FULL ATTACK, CHARGE!” Shouted Nekonata. The mounted cavalry moved in so fast the enemy didn’t know what to do.

An arrow flew out of nowhere straight for Nekonata, another arrow flecked with green feathers, whizzed past his face knocking the arrow away.

A small man stepped forward picking up the arrow. “Blood red feathers Gabija. The Crelden is here.”

“Who is Crelden?” Asked Vivi.

“The Crelden is what they call the enemy king's right hand.” Replied Gabija. “Now we know exactly who is responsible for this, I must say loosing an arrow like that is very premature.”

“Althor take your clan into the forest and flush out the rest.” She looked at Nekonata, “Shall we dance and let our blades sing?”

The small man beat his fist against chest. Raised his hand and threw back down in the direction of the forest. His clan quickly grouped up in formation, and marched for the forest.

Nekonata smiled, “Well met Gabija, I must say I agree,” He kicked Kimbo into a gallop. “LET'S DANCE!”

Gabija and Nekonata led the cavalry on. The mountain wolves caught up and swiftly joined in the charge.

White Wolf howled, the rest of his kind followed suit.

Steel clashed against steel, wood against wood. People screamed in agony as their lives ebbed away.

Suddenly something crashed into Nekonata knocking him off his mount. Nekonata rolled over, quickly recovering to his feet. Not the Ingmar. It growled low and deep the sound reverberated in his chest and hurt his ears, saliva spattered on his face the smell assaulted his nostrils it was putrid like carrion, its teeth a frightening sight they curved down out of its huge maw like mouth the size of Nekonata' forearm, he stepped back it was easily 3 times the size of the brown bear, its eyes were large filling up most of its face if it could be called a face they were yellow with slit-like pupils the size of a clenched fist, its furry mane like mass was matted and filthy.

Nekonata slowly stepped back, slowly unsheathed his trusty sword. He gripped hold of it preparing himself for he didn’t know what. The creature leapt forward for Nekonata. Nekonata ducked and rolled underneath the beast, only just clearing it. He slashed his at the beast's hide just missing. It turned around, yellow eyes flashing dangerously. Again it leapt forward, Nekonata stood his ground, taking one large step to the side he pivoted on his heel and slashed at the Ingmar this time leaving a large deep cut on its front left leg. Crashing to the floor in a howling rage. It stood up growling and panting heavily. Nekonata gulped. The beast charged for him raising its enormous paw last-second knocking Nekonata back. He felt like the wind had been knocked out of him as he flew backwards landing in the mud and then sliding more.

Nekonata grabbed his bow and pulled an arrow out of his quiver. He looked up the beast was getting ready to charge again. He knelt up in the mud, the right side of his body covered in mud and struggled to notch his arrow, the arrow flew for the beast just grazing the top of its head. He quickly notched another arrow panicking. He let it loose and this time it flew true striking the beast straight in its right eye. The animal dropped onto its front paws, sliding in the mud. The Ingmar slowly got back to its feet, it let out a high pitched squeal of pain. Rearing up on to its back legs the beast started to throw its front paws around furiously trying to hit Nekonata.

Nekonata ducked and dodged, he rolled to the left of the beast. The beast seeing him took a huge swipe at Nekonata’ face just catching him with the tip of its claw, as the beast pulled its paw down it left a deep scratch going from just under Nekonata right eye down to almost his lip. Nekonata reeled back in pain. Now staying on the right-hand side of the beast Nekonata continued to duck and dodge, The beast threw its paws up in the air letting out a huge angry growl and Nekonata plunged his sword upward straight into the beast's chest and into its heart. As the monstrous beast crashed to the floor it took one last swipe at him, making Nekonata's back crash into a rock that had been hidden under the mud, he blacked out.

Santaya and Kristolia had joined the ranks of the mountain wolves. They ran forward relishing every kill. White Wolf howled in excitement.

King Althor and his clan had marched to the outskirts the forest. He raised his fist and they all stopped, he touched his left shoulder raised 2 fingers and pointed to the left. Some of his clan moved silently to the left, Althor repeated the same motions this time on his right, and again some of his clan moved silently to the right, the rest of them stayed in the middle moving forward.

The Crelden, a dark coloured man with blood-red eyes, was tall and slim. Was hiding high in the trees watching the fight. The fight was not going in his favour. He was beating himself inside for being stupidly premature for shooting his arrow to early. He had not anticipated that the Elves or the wretched Dwarves would show. The Dwarves rejected an alliance with his master, the King. The one true almighty powerful king in his eyes. Anyone who dared not follow his King were traitors. He cursed to himself and spat into the branches. He looked down below his feet noticing movement. “Oh for fuck sake!” He muttered to himself. The Dwarves had broken away from the main army to infiltrate the camp. He had sent his main forces into the battle all that was left was a small number of guards protecting the camp.

It was futile for the camp guards to fight and they threw down their weapons. Althor stepped forward into a small clearing near one of the campfires. “CRELDEN!” He called out. “I know you are here! Come out of your hiding place!” He waited. “Are you a coward?”

Crelden looked down. His King had specifically told him not to engage in a fight with the Dwarves, he had plans for them later. Crelden wanted nothing more than to kill Althor just as he did Althor’s father. But it would have to wait for another day. Crelden pulled out a small grey sphere from inside his pocket. “Take me home!” He whispered. There was a crack, followed by a loud boom. Crelden disappeared.

Gabija charged through the enemy, swinging her blades in arches, pivoting and dodging, parrying and attacking, she moved swiftly and elegantly, she listened to her heartbeat and moved in sync with it. Her blades whistled with every swing and parry, there were no metallic clashes from her weapons.

A loud whoosh followed by a boom came from the forest, a dark figure shot up into the air and disappeared in bright light.

“RETREAT, RETREAT, RETREAT!!!” The humans shouted. The Ingmars growled loudly. The remaining humans clambered onto the backs of the Ingmars as they ran for their lives.

Nekonata could feel someone licking his face, the breath coming from it was awful, smelt of the combination of blood, dirt and sweat. Nekonata slowly opened his eyes rubbing his temples. His vision was blurry and slowly came into focus. He noticed it was Kristolia licking him.

“Okay baby girl, I’m Okay. Stop licking me now will you!” Nekonata groaned as he tried to sit up.

Both sides the protectors and the enemy had suffered serious losses. The remaining of the army were now doing mercy kills to end the suffering of the enemy who was seriously injured. Their own they carried on horses back to Edena to be cured and mended by the healers.

A small man with ginger hair and a long ginger beard walked up to Nekonata slowly. He beat his fist against his chest. “Ingmar Slayer!” He said gruffly offering a hand to help Nekonata back to his feet.

Nekonata gladly took it. “ I guess I am right in assuming you are King Althor then?”

The Dwarf looked up smiling, “That I be, that I be.”

They both stood looking around. “Were any of your kin hurt?” Nekonata asked

“I lost 8 men, one of which be mine cousin, Soltz. Also, 18 be injured.”

“There has to be a better way to kill those beasts, we lost way too many to those alone.”

“Be not I know, I know of them no more than you.” Althor noticed Gabija helping those that had minor injuries. “Come let's see what use we be.”

Gabija looked up. “Are you okay?” She asked Nekonata.

Nekonata nodded rubbing his back.

“Vivi said you are needed back at Edena, Nekonata,” Gabija said without looking up.

“Okay.” Nekonata nodded to Althor and wandered off looking for Kimbo. He whistled, “Kimbo, come on boy!”

He saw Pat walking up to him. “I’m sorry Nekonata, Kimbo didn’t make it. An Ingmar got him.”

Pat took Nekonata to where Kimbo lay. The poor horse was covered in mud, blood and guts from the dead that lay around him. Kneeling down beside the horse Nekonata took a deep breath his heart aching.

“I didn’t know you for long Kimbo, you saved my life in the swamps. I am so sorry this happened to you.” Nekonata stroked the dead horse's mane.

Pat touched Nekonata on the shoulder. “We will bury him here.”

Nekonata nodded. “Burn the enemies body, away from the forest.”

Nekonata took one last look at his horse and walked away.

“The Crelden is the one responsible for this attack,” Vivi said speaking to Gabija and Althor.

“Who is the Crelden?”

“Rubian Blackthorn. He is the right hand, the Crelden of the King’s. Some say he is the reason the king is the way he is. Others say the King was never of the right mind, to begin with.” Replied Gabija.

Nekonata nodded in thought. He slowly started to walk back to Edena, his girls by his side.