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i am muted from sex chat and my account has been blocked and ban


Sorry, but sometimes I think you don't, sometimes I really think you jump to conclusions way too quickly without thinking you might be wrong about it. Everything we do here we take it seriously, it goes back to the fact that nobody knows the work we do, it's not like other sites, ZoZo is and always will be different from other sites, especially because we care a lot about the site and its users. So every time we post something that we are working on and trying to fix, after spending nights awake, long skype calls and so on, to get comments that are sorta kinda attacking us, saying we didn't do a good job then but do that now, or that we don't do our jobs at all, well it just pisses me off. And I am done taking comments like that and keeping quiet and patient just no to offend anyone. So sorry to say, you jumped to conclusions, try not doing that next time.
Everything is not perfect we all have flaws god knows i have my share and yes i am wrong from time to time and yes i don't know what anyone does behind the scenes however you can't say this site is no better or worse than others they all say that and it's understandable with some degree fact is i like this site always did just staff doesn't like me and it's their opinion in the matter i would like to see this place grow and prosper and wishes nothing but the best and i guess there's new voices in my head i wasn't aware of it next times things ill be better i try


All I said was the truth because I know all the things we do and all the things that were done before I was made admin. I don't know any other chat site staff that would go and try to keep stalkers, that vips/female users get, banned, or that would notice something weird in our mood and ask us what was going on, I say this cause when I was vip and I needed help, a help they were in no obligation to give me the way they did, and it was given to me. So I am sure ZoZo is and always will be different and to my eyes, being a staff member or not, it will always be better.
i have my opinion i know it doesn't count here but i know my opinion and no one can change it or tell me otherwise anyways i wonder if i'm missed i doubt it people forget easily any place that does what they suppose to is good any place that ignores users and then tells them to shut up is not i'm not saying me i'm just saying in general there are always places to go and see etc people take advantage of others and i still say there was no reason on my ban cause zeus was the one who said to speak out and somehow he got corrupted and someone made up crap and such i'm glad he finally opened his eyes i just hope all the trouble makers get weeded out and i honestly hope people like sophie doesn't get attacked i mean thats none of my business but i just notice people stop talking to me i did nothing wrong but hey if people wanna not talk to me its fine i hope this chat is around forever i wish no one any ill will i just think rose needs to not ban the wrong people and speak to zeus first before doing so instead of making up stuff and then making here others are the bad guy be responsible staff is here to protect the users not to harass or otherwise i just have been thinking about this for a while now and i mean i know it doesn't matter and i kinda wish zeus would have at least responded and said yes or no on the appeal but i get hes busy with his life and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with his staff SG i consider u a friend even though u voted me out of here the other staff members hates on me its ok they can do what they wish i have a place to go to and half the people that used to come here go there so except for a few friends its basically like zozo except better anyways i know this will make people yell at me but its speaking my peace and the truth god bless


ohh so i BAN the wrong people
no you don't because your not admin and do don't know the why,if's and buts ,you just assume to know ,i ban those who deserve it and when it comes to vips ZEUS is always in the loop ,so that night he was informed of the why
i would think if i WAS doing something wrong zeus would have fired me by know after being HIS admin since 2014 and putting his Trust in me and how i run HIS chat with SG and VT
now if as you say you have found a new place why you can go fondle females and run your mouth off good for you but why come back and stick your nose in stuff you don't know shit about and what and how WE do our job
another thing you were lucky enough not to have been banned back in december when you happened to have ran your mouth off about another certain Male admin cause he might not have been under his admin but he sure as hell saw what you had to say about him and he heard from other users to ,seems you have a thing about people who don't take your shit
and don't think just because you had me blocked i didn't see what you said about the site and us admins ,we are a team here and we sure as hell work as one ,we inform each other of users and things to be watch ,you had your warning but you continued to run your mouth ,you got what any other person would have now deal with it Nothing makes you special