Are you banned? You got ban from accessing chat room?

When you get a message which says ” You are Banned “Reason: Terms and Conditions Violation.  This is not what all chatters want to see. There are several reasons why you got ban from one of our chat room admin.


  • Spamming web links or other chat websites.
  • Sharing skype id, email id in the main chat room and keep spamming it again and again.
  • Abusing VIP Users. And Calling them with unwanted abusive words like ( sluts, bitches and more ).
  • Child Porn images or text related to Underage chatters.
  • Underage chatters who are below 18+ age.
  • Inviting chatters to other pages like ( facebook page, twitter, youtube channels and other chat websites ).
  • Arguing with admins for unnecessary stuff and ban related queries in chat rooms. If you feel like you are innocent want to re-instate your ban. Please use the contact page to send messages directly to chat admin.
  • Sharing contact numbers of other chatters or other females.

All our bans are only for 3 days maximum.