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What is the best motorcycle brand?


Some are car lovers, some are bike lovers. And at the end of the day we all have our own individual tastes and opinions when it comes to the automobile we most enjoy. For instance, there are people who prefer certain car brands over others, and the same happens when it comes to bikes. I'm a biker chick, I just love motorcycles way more than cars, it doesn't matter the weather, sunny, rainy, windy or cold. It's just way more fun to me to be on the back of a bike enjoying the day, cause unfortunately I still don't have the money to get my own lol.

Now for me the best brand there is and always will be it's Harley-Davidson. I know it's expensive to keep it always working, it demands a lot of attention and it's a bit temperamental, finding the replacement parts when it breaks can be hard when you don't have the stores that sell it nearby. But all in all and in my humble opinion, HD will always be the best motorcycle ever.

What are/is the motorcycle brand you think it's the best?


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with you on this one nothing like being on the back of a big ole mean machine with a cool rider ..seriously can't wait to go out with hades on his Harley


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totally wanna go
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it was dane who told me to look it up ,he has been serval times ,i looked it up earleir for this year's ,you need to see who's in concert this year i was like damn wanna gooo .dane said we will one day so maybe if your still good with american boy (still aint told me his damn name) we could organise a meet up


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I’m going to have to break the status quo here....but Harley’s are shit lol. And don’t even get me started on the reasons why! *runs*

The best bike make, there isn’t one in my opinion. Each have their own unique flavours/specialisms etc.

However, the two makes that always turn my head are Ducati (with their 1299 Panigalie V4) and Yamaha with their YZF-R6 (600cc) and YZF-R1 and R1M. (1000cc, with mods on the M)

Just looking at the beautiful curves of both bikes and you know they are designed for the road and the track, you can gently cruise with them and they won’t kick you in the ass yet have the power to go full flight if you wanted too and without hesitation.

The Ducati has a huge fan base, some would argue more than Harley. (The Ducatian’s) and I wouldn’t blame them, they’re the Ferrari of the motorbike world and each one is hand built with passion, care and attention to detail. (Yes you can actually see the year the bike was born and the name of the person who made it) .

The Yamaha is built for racing, the R designation is not something easily given to their bikes. They have to meet a strict guideline, on weight, engine performance, aerodynamics, right down to the last bolt.
You can easily take a Yamaha on to the track as well as on to the circuit, same as the Ducati.


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Owned Italian bikes for many years... Moto Guzzi's - the LeMans 1, 3, and 1100Sport Injection models. All nice but quite compact.

Not owned a Jap bike since I was a kid.

Owned Harleys for 30+ years, my current one is 34 years old and gets trusted for all sorts of trips... rain or shine... mainly rain, as I live in the UK and ride all year.

Sexiest bike... my Harris Magnum 2...

Best brand overall ?... probably isn't one definitive answer... I've got friends with pretty much all makes available... some swear by them, other swear at them.

At the end of the arguments, the best bike is (usually) the one you've riding...


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There are a lot of fit and posture issues that can cause painful hands. Number one is to find the right bike shop that will both help you find the right size bike to start with, then fit you to it perfectly.

Just to get an idea, what is your budget for this bike?