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Strictly For BEARDOS


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So this thread is @maya21f swayamvar as always where guys needs to display their beard growing skills:oops:

Kindly excuse me not gonna watch this thread beards are every girls weakness to dig. I need to self quarantine to protect me. Lets meet later. :p



Kissing a man without beard is having champagne without bubbles is it so RoFL


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That's y vineela always warns me to keep some stupid emoji after text :p

Lemme edit my text berry, I replied to hussafar bhai's msg I got reply from berry :giggle:
Swayamwar topic started from my comment so felt i should comfort you thats what i did if it might have been anyone else comment other than humsafar than too i would have did same so dont try to go oftrack
Anyways its in my nature i care but its my bad habbit :)