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Ok im done with CSK


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Why its always faf, watto, jadega, sam, rayadu? what about the rest of the team members in the 11?

It was an easy win match, but who the hell gives the last crucial over to spin bowlers?

Anyway we are not gonna get any cheque or cash for watching the game, very very disappointed with Dhoni's performance with past few matches, and this match.

That's it am gonna stop watching any IPL matches, the only reason why i was watching cricket is just for CSK.

Dhoni should go, or he should hit more balls and at least 30 runs what we all expect.

Anyway at the end we all viewers and we can comment and suggest them to do more, but reality in field is different, anyway its upto them.. And i made my mind, not gonna watch anymore matches....

have a good game guys and, cheer them up them fans and viewers.