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@Aphrodite @Hades @Administrator @Pinkcandy @Nilaani @JUPITER @Somaiya Karn @satz @Aadhirai
Dear Admins and Staffs....

My ID Sugarlips(pro user) Tamil room.
Yesterday i done a mistake by posting in... t text gif in wall.
Actually i uploaded random gif. I didnt notices text.
It happends unknowingly and I didnt open what i posted in wall.
one of the user ping me and informed it contains in...t text.
Suddenly I deleted that gif.
I thank that user for informing.

After few min my ID permanently baned.
I informed what I told above to room admin and I apologysed.
She is very stright , sincere at work and not belived me.

I once again apologies each and every Admins,Staffs and My dear friends
I accept my mistake but it happended unknowingly.
Iam sure hear after I highly concious here.

Pinkey Candy kindly reconsider my apology and forgive me.
My humble request Unban my ID....

Yours truly ,

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He uploaded Inc gif . We reported and said him to delete
He said it's was uploaded by mistake and deleted the next second.
He is not a habitual offender.

Apologies are to be considered too along with mistakes !

@Aphrodite @Hades @Administrator @Pinkcandy @Nilaani @JUPITER @Somaiya Karn @satz @Aadhirai
Dear Admins and Staffs....
Kindly watch above link
I don't know how to explain this error that's why I repletely told it happens unknowingly..... unknowingly.....

I am totally help less....

watch final link closely without touching my mobile screen App opening video playing again App closing....

This is my final proof....

My kind request respond me....

yours truly