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if today was your last day how would you spend it


I have come home to spend the weekend with my family!

I prepared a curry for my family for breakfast!

I spent about sitting on my dads lap and he and I chatting about the world.

I had my breakfast and then spent about an hour sitting next to my brother, watching TV and pulling each other's legs!

My mom then came to my room and spent about with my head in her lap and talking about things that mothers and daughters do.

I will be going out for lunch with the family. I plan on wearing a long maxi gown and a full face of make up.

I plan on going window shopping in the evening and then meet the extended family for dinner before i leave back tonight.

So if today is my last day, there is no other way i want to spend it!


Omg really is today last day , no way am not gonna panic simple things will go hug my parents call my beloved ones say thank u will order cheese burst pizaaaa with extra cheeseeeee enjoying my moment.

But yeah i dont wish world to end, I just wanna be thanos n swipe all bad guys n extend the life on our beautiful planet earth .

Enjoy the present moment have fun be positive

Deepak Kiran

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This is a really intriguing question but I love to answer and share with you

First of all it would be deadly to imagine my death but if I ever come to know about this one day prior then I would do the following

So if today would be my last day the first thing I would do is to go to my beloved parents (will not disclose to them the harsh truth and reality) and thank them abundantly as it is because of them that I lived a contented and an adventurous life.

Then I would like to meet my nearest and dearest ones and cherish all the moments and memories shared together.

Next I would like to go to a temple(as I'm a Hindu) and ask forgiveness for my sins and bad deeds and after that I would like to spend some quality time alone at some of my favourite places in my city and sense nostalgia.

Next I would go to a medical institution and register to donate my body parts to the needy people after my death .

After that I might like to distribute food and water to all the poor and underprivileged people in my locality and might also like to give some of my priceless possessions to the beloved children of God who have no shelter and has an insecure future.