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How to control your sexual urges : PART -1

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Hola Amigos !!!

What ever you try to avoid will always haunt you.. All the thoughts are self created and they are within the mind.....You can’t avoid something that is there within you.. You can only avoid the external stuff..

You are the product of sex.. You can’t keep yourself away from it.. Sexuality is an integral part of the consciousness and its evolution.. You may avoid the act of sex.., but not the consciousness of sexuality..

Mastering the sexuality is also a wisdom.. There has to be the sexuality in order to understand what it is.. Its a great achievement to have mastered the sexuality and have gained control over it.. Mastering doesn’t necessarily mean indulgence.

The problem is that you are too serious of your sexual thoughts.. and now you are facing problems because, your own thoughts have started consuming you..

Each thought is like a animal.....If you try to kindle or meddle with it, then it will become ferocious.. Instead, just let that be.. You don’t take any of them seriously.. Just be calm with your thoughts.. More calmer you are, more subtle your thoughts will become..

Never try to runaway from any of your thoughts.. Each thought you have is your own manifestation.. You can’t runaway from yourself..

A thought can not harm you unless you associate an act or action to it.. An act can convert a thought into manifestation.. Without an act.., a thought is just a thought.. There is no fear or danger from a thought.. The fear is from it’s manifestation..

The best way is to handle and manage your thoughts..
Learn to handle..
Learn to manage..
That what is in your hands will always listen to you..

And remember that the desire to have sex is very normal and a healthy state of mind. Infact if one does not have, then that would be abnormal. If you never felt hungry, you’d need to go to a physician. Because that is not healthy and normal. When we feel hungry we eat and satiate our hunger. When we feel thirsty we drink water and quench our thirst. Simple. But now comes the issue…what about if our hunger and thirst does not subside even after having food and water ? Then you need medical assistance.

In all this, try to think of sexual union as beautiful, worth cherishing gift out of nature which needs to be handled responsibly. It’s sanctity is in it secrecy and privacy. It needs to be taken with dignity and pride and not cheap referrals.

Adeos Amigos !!

Will continue in the next part.......


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Actually i would like to say somethng bt i forget to read as usual:smoking:
I would say why should v control wen v hav freedom to b wit someone in any way:highfive:

Uncle42 Thick

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As one who v was married, had sex, I can say one thing.. Don't control but dont get led by it... A good example is incest... You may like the idea of sex with a blood relative but knowing your circumstances don't pursue it... Instead use it when you are self pleasuring.... This way no harm is done