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Hatred into love!!! ❤❤

Ok the next episode 2


She would have never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would meet Ashwin in a bar that too when she was out for date and got stood up!!

She replied with a fake smile on her face " hey Ashu!! "

She just cross checked that he was with a fair chick and she doesn't seem to be much interested in him and He neither!!

Ok Ashwin!! He is a well known writer and His recent book got very much of fans!! He is very short tempered and kind of always on a string boy

So Ashwin's sister was Anjali's best friend so it was like they could never avoid each other until their best friendship gets stuttered..

But they dislike each other.. !!

The bartender came to her desk and asked would your partner be arriving mam Or should I serve you with another drink!!
"Aahh thanks boy!! What a timing when this ghost is near by!! " Was the words on her mind..

Ashwin started laughing " You are on a date and your date didn't arrive yet??? !!! Oh goodness "

Anju stood up " Ashu !! Yeah you are right and it's time for. Me to leave!! Take care and good luck on your date " She said with a smirk on her face..

And the timing again was totally great and when she stood up, she was brushing against the chair , her leg slipped a little bit and when she realized, her hip was grabbed by a strong hand none other than that idiot's hand ...

Ashwin : Could you walk!! Or should I drop you home?? Did you have more because you got stood up??

His words have all the cracks and mocks that he could have on her!!

Anju : I just had one drink and I can walk now!! Could you leave me now!!

Anju took her court and with a furious walk she was out of the bar!!

She walked past the bar with all. The thoughts running through her mind!!

Ashwin was her ex ! And he spotted me in a total despair and the day is the worst of all!!

Chalo!!! Let's see in next episode!!!
Take care guys
And here comes the episode 3:

Anju and Ashwin!!!

Anju walked furiously from the bar without giving a ear to anyone!!

She was away from the bar like 200 meters away and suddenly she crashed down the floor hitting it hard and the eyes we're filled up tears... "Why why why!!! Why the hell did I meet him again? "

She took out her phone and dialed his number she wanted to press the call button but she couldn't..

Ashwin on the other hand!! He was so uninterested in his date at the bar.. Sipping his beer, he was watching the exit where Anju left 5 min ago!! A blonde entered the same entry as he was watching and his lips went like "tsk tsk tsk"... She was coming near him..

She slipped her hands between Ashwin and his uninterested date... Asked the bartender for a vodka shot!!.. Ashwin smirked and said " Would you mind a dance? " . The blonde girl said " I won't mind but your date would!!! ".. He just tilted his face " She won't and she is not my date!! She is just my colleague "

The blonde girl extended her hand asking him to take for a dance!! They were slowly on the pitch and breeze started to come in.. But Ashwin was not completely present there.. He just looked over the exit again .. He just bid a bye to both of them and rushed towards the exit!! He was walking in a dark street with a hope of nothing and suddenly on a end of that street he found Anju to be in a shaky mode with a wooden stick in her hands pointing towards a unfamiliar man at the other end !!!


Let's see in next episode
it's been really really a long time since I posted a thread :D

So am going to post this one... Previous ones will be completed soon

And this one a new story with new emotions

Have you ever loved someone so much as much as you hate them??

Huh then this might interest you!!

Hope you like and support this one!!

Anjali never likes a person who is lazy and not punctual..

It's always a red flag to swipe right when the profile says ' I love a good ride ' But she did swipe right and they spoke for quite some time and She was invited to a date..

She thought it could be okay to meet him once and wont hurt a bit.

She finished her morning routine to the office and it already started raining.. She didn't bring any umbrella the thoughts on her mind literally was " Fuck the weather app!! When it says moderate weather and wont rain today " . ..
She wanted to postpone her date!! However she would have already done that but thought to go with that schedule .. She got a cab with much struggle in that shower and entered into that bar all dressed up only to get stood up!!

She was waiting for more than a hour and he never showed up... She just ordered her favorite cocktail and thought would leave to her place

The day cannot get any bad when she heard a familiar voice from behind! " Hey Anju! "

And who might that be!!!!!!!

Let see soon!!!
Very nice
Episode 4 :

Does it really matter now ??

He found Anjali to be ponting a wooden stick over a man at the other end!!

Ashwin was so shocked on seeing that !!

He just shouted!! "ANJU "

Ashwin: what in the world is happening here!!!

Anju : Can't you see idiot.. This moron tried to behave in a wrong way with me as you let me go out with all anger you triggered up on...

Ashwin: Oh so the situation here is also because of me now!!

That man in the other end shouted!!" Just save me from this foolish lady! She is beating me up like anything!! "

Ashwin's inner self laughed on seeing this!! Of course of course she is Anjali!! No one can tame her!!

He just joined Anju and scolded that man and He ran away in a desperate flee mode...

Ashwin : What in the world did I do to see you again here!!

Anju :: Did I ask you to walk in the way that I was walking you idiot?

Ashwin : So everything upon here Is because of me and the blaming still continues even after 5 years?

Anju : Ashwin!! Does it really matter now!! All the years that i spent in vain?

Ashwin was shook by anju's words... It doesn't matter to her anymore...

Let's see in next episode