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Allured me, hum of thy voice
exquisitely uttered with poise
"Mademoiselle" oh i rejoice!
Induced euphoria, it wasn't a choice.
Shivered down to the core
Your smile , a freeze frame has occur,
Uncontrollable beats , You, I adore
Made my mind, whatever , i'll soar!
Either die in peace, or be my cure.
Are you for real coz i am hook
The way I feel no one can took
Famished you are! I read a book
Imprint in mind the food you look
I Aint a cook, but dont be shook.
You ran away, like a coward douche.
Torn me apart, whilst thee just whoosh!
Now i smooch my new favourite mousse!
Yet, once a douche always a douche...

To be continued...maybe.