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Do you have any admirer here

Deepak Kiran

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I came to know I had one yesterday. She gave me hints in signs but could not understand. She was around me all these days but couldn't find her till yesterday.

It's a nice feeling to have someone like that :heart1:

She is so sweet and lucky to have someone like her :inlove:
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Uncle42 Thick

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@maya21f , @Pinkcandy , @Aphrodite , @Smileyy
Well if my memory serves me right, admire also means respect n like a person. That being the base, I admire every female here. That said a few I know are
1. Aphrodite... As her name suggests, she is a sweet sweet momma duck, she talks with all, ever so helpful.
2. Pink candy... I met her in chat, we hardly exchanged pms but I love how her brain works. Her clarity, forethought and her flair is something none can say no.
3. Maya 21 ... I met her in the forum, n as we started conversing or reading her posts or comments, I was in awe of her boldness, a rare trait in cyber world. If you talk to maya u either get energized or you start looking at things differently.
4. Smiley.... With what little I know, she is a girl with a great sense of humor and very very sportive.
I can go on but then it wouldn't be fun
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