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  1. Wicked

    Money Heist S-5

    Yeah announced yesterday for Season 5 of it and the last one :(with 10episodes
  2. Rapunzel

    Flimoholic's View: Set it up (2018)

    Hate is not the opposite of love. Do you know whats the opposite is? Indifference If you have felt it is easy to get, but tough to earn and it is so much better that way. Watching a rom com is like a whirlwind, it seems you could never stop from falling for it and you do it over again and...
  3. Rapunzel

    Flimoholic's View:When We first met (2018)

    Relationships are about intangible things. It is all about moments, living the moments back and sharing with who? Things are beyond our control when something doesnt work between two people, they are friend zoned and moved on in respective life. But what if given an opportunity to go back in...
  4. sexygirl

    13 Reasons Why season 2

    Many think this is just another teen show exclusive to a kind of audience, but it really isn't. It's a family show that talks about many important topics that are often cast aside by the school, teachers, parents around the globe. It's shockingly brutal, but it sheds the light on things we often...
  5. S

    Amazon Prime or Netflix

    Hey guys which online streaming service do you prefer? I have subscribed to Prime as it offers nice content along with obvious benefits and discounts on Amazon shopping.
  6. Anonymous


    It has been a while I have seen Tv shows that made me sit and finish it, Mostly I either discontinue or watch it late ..But Loved Narcos that I had to watch it sitting tight on my couch .No wonder Pablo Escobar is a Bad ass.Would like to say they have picked up a perfect cast and the guy who...