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Austria was on my list for a while now. Looks like the dream is finally coming true as i gonna go to the country in February next year. I started with all the preparations now : booked the fights, found a decent rental car, even found a place to purchase a vignette for the toll roads https://vignetteoesterreich.eu. Next step would be to book all the accommodations in the country.
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I have a long list of dream destinations I want to visit. At the top are the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. Each offers its own unique charm and experiences that I can't wait to explore. Speaking of travel tips, one thing I've found incredibly helpful for comfort trips is to ship your luggage ahead of time, for example, lugless can help with this. It takes the hassle out of lugging heavy bags around airports and train stations, allowing you to travel lighter and enjoy your travel more.
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