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    Favorite season

    Not at all lol what i ment was it is lighter in the evenings longer so dark nights as shorter if that makes sence?
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    • Continue the Story Game

    Param is not a name then? the joke is lost on me sorry
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    Ask the Next Person A Question Game

    This morning Question. When was the last time YOU masturbated?
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    Life to my kids :inlove:
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    Fav Sports Players

    Freddie Flintoff Jamie Redknapp
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    my roller skates and my skipping rope lol
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    Favorite season

    Summer, because its warn sunny and the days are longer and nights shorter :)
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    Ask the Next Person A Question Game

    Ask the Next Person A Question Game. It works by me posting a question. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on. so my Question is..... What's your...
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    • Continue the Story Game

    Took it uopn himself to ......
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    • Continue the Story Game

    • Continue the Story Game - Each player comes up with the next line of a continuing story. Each line can only be 5 words in length. I will start of with A long long time ago .......
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    1). citer 2). tater 3). caret 4). trite 5). recta 6). react 7). cater 8). erica 9). crate 10). recti 11). tacit 12). tacet 13). carte 14). ceria 15). attic 16). trice 17). triac 18). treat 19). trait 20). tract 21). trace 22). titre 23). titer 24). tecta 25). terai 26). retia 27). tetra 28)...
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    Welcome To Dubai

    I knew there was a reason i preffered a bath :Cwl:
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    Have you met !!!

    :rofl1: oo wait it canny possible be me :slap::Devil: