How to clear your browser cache

This help’s you to figure out how to clear your browser cache. Why do you need to clear your browser cache in our zozo chat room?. Well the reason is, we update our chat room files and security ports when we have some security issue. This helps zozo chat room to be in safe mode and stay away from hackers hand. So please learn how to clear your browser cache, when you get connection failed error message in our chat room window.

For Google Chrome Check Here —>

For Mozilla FireFox Check Here —>

For Internet Explorer Check Here —>


You can use (Ccleaner) free software to clean all your browser cache and cookie without any extra change in settings.

Install Ccleaner and run it. It is simple and easy to use. ZoZo recommend this method for fast and secure cleaning.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us through comments in here or through our contact page.