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Submit Your Reviews published on 5 Comments on Submit Your Reviews

Our team kindly request our chatters to submit few words about our adult sex chat rooms. What do you like in us, and what makes you happy when you are in our room. Any kind of reviews are accepted it is good or bad. We just want to know what is in your mind and it helps us to improve our site works in better level.

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 201 reviews
by amina on Chat Review Page

why cams not working

they need a big fix.

by k3sophia on Chat Review Page
Just tell me when u are done signing up baby. I will send you more! :*

just wondering if you will have the cam capability restored?

Yes in a month or so, we gonna get brand new cam methods in zozo.

by Cherry 1 on Chat Review Page
Can't open Pvt msg option

I can't send private message to any one and I can't find the options viewcam , Pvt msg

are you using android or ios phone to send messages?

by shahil on Chat Review Page
Domination room

please add domination room or BDSM life style room . many chats consists such room .. now a days bdsm life style is very keenly folowed. Its hard for any new comer here in which room to go to fulfil their wish for bdsm kink .

please do as early as possible. It will sure help your site grow more.

alright its duly noted and sure will add those rooms for you.

by Kalyan on Chat Review Page

This Chat room is excellent but since July 2018 , I am unable to do private chatting. Private chat option is NOT working.

Could you send screenshot and more information to our email : [email protected] what is the problem?

by siddusai on Chat Review Page

this site is good but difficult to find boy or girl plzz improve that and avatar not updated plz look into that

Sure we are working on new UI which gonna be released in a week for beta testing.

by john on Chat Review Page

just wondering if you will have the cam capability restored?

Its getting fixed today.

by adelerhofjan on Chat Review Page

whot happend new chat i can not chat anymorre now here

clear your cache and it will get fixed 🙂

by Scarlet on Chat Review Page
Technical issues

I've come to the lesbian chatroom regularly but since a week ago I can't get in the room anymore..

Its fixed please clear cache 😛

by beer sex on Chat Review Page
bad upgrade

it is BAD upgradation and not user friendly

sorry 🙁 but try to understand... why we updated to it..

by Foxydiva on Chat Review Page

Ok love the site it's great but for ppl with mobile and apple products can't use cams on there there s a x and it says ur cam doesn't suppost this site so can u fix that issue please thanks 🙂

by mmmmm on Chat Review Page

Good site

by musa on Chat Review Page

Me from Pakistan why this website doesn't load on my window phone

Make sure u have google chrome browser

by mikebray on Chat Review Page
i love zozo

as a long member of zozo i and proud to say it is the best and the admin zeus is great i like tho think i help out when i can,sadly i cant do much except backseat mod.i enjoy helping out all the admins it the hope i become one day relevent and go from backseat mod to real mod .
we all know that zeus is only interested in the numbers of users for advertising purposes but i still back him.

Thank you for all your hard work admins

by Juicy on Chat Review Page

I can't connect to chat rooms since 18th Aug. The flash player plug in is all Red and it doesn't load

Clear your cache and its updated.

by M S KUMAR on Chat Review Page

Hi, I came your website daily.Updated website is looking good but one thing is comparing to old version it is difficult in some options and old one is easy to use.try to work more to get easy.

Thanks sure.. soon we getting new update.

by Foxy diva on Chat Review Page
Puffin and cams

Need to fix it I can't get in with my browsers puffin it works one day then not the next then the cams ugh need to fix it too but waiting hope this all gets fixed

lol don't use puffin anymore.. we are not using flash chat anymore...

by romeo on Chat Review Page
worst update

Till yesterday the website was absolutely fine. simple cam chats and easy to use interface. quick access and was really easy to diff woman and man. after the update. its shit. wil never come back to this chat room. ugly as hell.

things get changed... first understand the reason why moved to new interface 🙂 yeah happy hunting new chat 😛

by sss_tamil on Chat Review Page
Good wesbite to nice chat

Good wesbite to nice chat, doing chat with chatzozo is nice experience, its fast and response is very good.

by hard8 on Chat Review Page
Always Satisfied

I frequent a few different adult chat/cam sites, but this truly is my favorite. Many of the same users on here daily in "Sex Chat" who are mature, grown adults who show respect 99% of the time and who are familiar with eachother, which i like. Also, when new users visit they are always greeted and never ignored.

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