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Why We Never Forget Our First Love!!!

Deepak Kiran

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First love can never be forgotten because it's the first time you have ever experienced how beautiful LOVE is. Its the first time u have ever felt how amazing feeling is to walk hand in hand with a person who meant the whole world to you.. The butterflies, the tingling sensation, the shyness, the uncontrollable smile everything for the first time .... Even though you broke up, but you can never forget these feelings

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The only thing that rivals the intensity of your first love is your first heartbreak. Often, these feelings are surrounded by memories of the same person. For those who didn’t remain with their first love for the rest of their lives, the ending of that relationship was likely very painful, regardless of who initiated the end or whether it was amicable.

It’s hard to let go of your first love, to walk away from those early feelings that were almost magical. The amount of effort required, and the


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When we think about our first love, there is a mixture of emotions we all feel which can be hard to explain. But why, even though our first love may have happened 5, 10, 15, or even 50 or more years ago, do a lot of us still think about it today?
V cant forget coz tats the 1st foolish decision v took in our life lol :Cwl:


Yes, you will never forget it. But oh wait! You will also never forget your second, third, or nth love. Why? Because you have something just on the top floor of your body - and you know what it is called? Brain!

The moment you will fall in love with third person, you will be the one remembering both the previous relationships. So as simple as that. Will you never forget your first love? You will not, but that is not because it was DIVINE, or because it was first. But because it was there, and so will happen for any other relationship. Time moves on, so do situations, so do people. So will you. You will be married to someone else and then you would barely someday remember oh she/he was my first love :Cwl: But same will happen even if you see your next 2-3 bf/gf. Haha so just keep away that myth of your mind and move on!
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Love is a love even it was first or the nth one
Note: aunty lovers not concluded here.