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What's your favourite video game ?

For the past few years, it's been CS GO, and I can say that for me, it's actually entertaining, especially when I play with my friends
League of legends for now. But wanna try something new soon. Close friend of mine recently have suggested me to try that platform ( https://www.freecasinosite.org ). Still not sure about that one but I guess can be an interesting experience
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I play Mobile Legends on my phone, and I think that can also be considered a video game. I also enjoy GTA Online, CS, Dota 2, Call of Duty - various versions for completing missions.
I also like gambling games and various online platforms like myStake . I mostly play poker.
I used to really love Diablo, and now I want to play the new parts that have been released, but for some reason, the reviews on them are not very positive. So, I'm still in two minds about it.
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