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What Was Life Again ?


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Where would I begin ?

I been reading the forum for a while now guess I should embark my arrival as well, but then what would I write about I had no complains , no pretty topics to debate about just being blank. Then as always I had something to share . I must say I am dead bored at present and thats the ultimate motivation to write up. Now I shall begin

A Fine day it was until I felt discomfort staying at home so I thought to take a stroll and fumed with this thought I set out. I walked with no gadgets with my ears wide open listening to the birds chripp , my eyes lurking at everything the nature had to offer. As of every moment of selfdom I started wondering I don't know what I begun with but I sure ended up with a good one and the question that raged within me was " What is Life " a few would say " Life is unpredictable we just have to live it to our fullest " so did I believe . Until I met the person who changed my whole perspective of what LIFE was. In a distant sat an old lady with my eyes streched I saw her close . A lady in her 70s with a Blazing white hair whose skin loosened up San teeth and She noticed me walking her way and she struck me with the second prettiest smile of my life ever ( The First is Always Unpredictable Gonna Keep It That Way ) . She smiled so gracefully that I couldn't walk past her without talking to her and I walked upto her passed my greetings Since we knew long before she Hugged me back as a courtesy for my greetings and I felt every bit of love and care she waved at me . Her hands were very delicate , soft and gentle they way she took my face in her palms to give a peek on my forehead is just something I can't say with mere words . We sat down talking about ourselves . After a while a dim silence fell in and we were out of words but then the question raged within me clashed it's way to my mind and all I wanted was an answer so I turned to her and asked in the funniest way I could " What is Life for you ? " . She smiled again as she answered my question in just one word , she replied to her and to all she meant " Life is just memories " . The fire the raged within and tore my mind was finally extinguished with the best answer I could ever get .

The Simple Answer was Memories . No matter what Age , Colour , Creed , Race , Tall or Short , Rich or Poor , Men or Women to all Life is just memories . Make your own fill them with joy , have no regrets , be the best of what you can be for yourself . Make your life worth . " The Fun you have today is the Memories of your Tommorow " have fun but hurt none . Learn from your mistakes never repeat them , Men or Women Respect for that they shall respect you . Learn to be a Man treat the lady with Respect. Learn to be a Women correct him before you Curse . And I shall quote for this place I have been for long now " Respect the women , for she is the mother of all . Respect her before you wish to tear her dignity for then you shall be the Man "

With this note I shall put my hands at ease Life is too short for complains make it worth , Make Memories

With Love - Playboy ❤


1st of all i wanna thank u for this post and huge respect pb

I totally agree with ur lines, many of us dont understand "what is life". everyone wants happiness,joy,love but for me "no pain no gain".
life is a package enjoy every moment cherish ur sad with joy, then u see everything in a new way.
every part of life is a memory even its good and bad but they stay as memories, its u what u wanna store n moveon with life.

No poison can kill a positive thought and No medicine can save a negative thought.

Thank you @pb for such a lovely post:heart1:

Deepak Kiran

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PB first of all I miss your writings and your thoughts in Indore room as you are not visiting ZoZo regularly now a days.

I love this post of your's that to make memories of your life

Memories encapsulate all of the life’s experiences and moments. While we may wish to erase the unpleasant and embarrassing ones, we cannot change the past. The good and the bad make up the memoirs of our lives.

A quote saying "
Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely."