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What Made Your Day ?


Saturday of 6th June

It was cold morning I woke up to , the rain blistered it's might on the window to which I closely lie every night , the stains of pale clouds enclosing the day made it look like a frowny day but as always the routines never changed and finally I took up the coffee and stepped out to have a good look at the rain as I sipped at that hot cup in my hand , it was at this instant when my mind popped the idea of going out . I do really enjoy a rainy day but not always though , it's been a while I had been waiting for rain , if my memory serves me right I was waiting for it from the begining of January , I wished the months passed fast enough for June to come . Back to the present morning , so I set out for a small ride , I rolled up the glasses and paced out slowly consuming time as it was abundantly available as for now , I drove for about 20 mins and on my way back I saw a guy on the side on the road in that drizzling rain with a huge pile of a bag , I guess he is a delivery boy or maybe a door to door salesman , he asked for a Lift to a bike that passed before me but the guy didn't stop so I had the time to make up my mind and thought why not help him , so I stopped and asked him to come along he wore his mask and entered into the rear , it was a bit hard for him to put in the bag first as it was heavy and it looked like a pulp of things to be honest I don't know how one can carry this much for a whole day . I asked where he had to go and he replied where he wanted to get off , it was half way on the way to my home so I didn't have to worry anymore , as we drove there was just the silence and the sound of the tires making a screeching sound as it goes over a wet road that's it and not a word , nor I or him didn't even convey a normal greet . I pulled over when his stop arrived , I waited for him to put on his bag . It was then he asked what my name was , I was obliged to say that and he said his and with a whole heart he smiled with his mask on , I couldn't resist the gentle smile that came onto my face , the mask covered his mouth but not his smile . This made my day .

It won't be always that we get the chance to help somebody or make them smile , it might be a petty small thing of ours that would make someone happy . I am thankful for this beautiful day and I am content with the feel that I helped a person , though it be small or big it doesn't matter as long as it makes someone happy .

Make your Day , Help someone to smile
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