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Users unclear Request and Reach


Staff member
I want to keep you aware zozo doesnt function at your ease all the time. It got certain rules to be followed by the user themselves when you in return ask us to take action incase it is violated or mishandled.

*We are not in control of the guest users when we give option for you to register your own identity and be safe from fake or clone nicks. We can only protect the registered users identity and vip & pro users nicks being defamed inappropriately.

* When there is a regional specific rooms allocated it is essential you follow the specific room code when it is comes to regional language. Stick with English or room specific regional language strictly.

* We don't restrict free movements across rooms. Forming groups in a seperate room to stay out of the crowd is your choice. But don't expect we will keep checking the deserted rooms. We will only be around where there are significant number of users.

* Be responsible and self disciplined when you are gonna use other empty rooms which is not entitled to serve the purpose you created.

* Don't keep following admin with an intention of checking verification cam of VIPs across rooms. Where does your morale lies.

*It is encouraged to call the available admins and mods only when there is real need of hour. If you could not follow any rules of zozo and expect us to run to you at your call. Sorry we are users too with our own agenda to cater to.

I again emphasize "Behave like an adult we are in an adult chat room"