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Trouble sending PM's

Just joined and using a tablet to access the site, android. In chat rooms I can type messages to the chat room and send no problem. When I try to PM a message it allows me to type but no facility to send the message. Also once I have tried to PM I cannot go back to the chatroom without re entering the room. Can anyone help please?


Staff member
Can you give your device model name or brand? So i can test it myself and give you the feedback. But this issue is caused by old cache files. If you clear your browser cache it will work. Or try incognito mode else try some other browser like firefox.
Hi thanks for the reply. I am using a hip street pilot, not sure which model. I am using chrome and cache is clear as well as all history. It allows me to select pm and type it. The pm box overlaps the normal room chat. Once typed there is no arrow to send message also no way of cancelling pm to return back to chat room.