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Fixed Trickster and pretending as hacker


Staff member
Last day night we had a trickster pretending like a hacker, ( india time ) this HTML scripting kid :) who learned HTML and CSS for a month in a low grade school i guess :D

He is trying to use his skills in our chat room and pretending like he hacked the chat :D >> he can't even fucking hack his own computer.

Now i have to remove >> GIF and Youtube option... when we enabled it, we made it in a rush to make it work.

Anyway that lead us to the HTML and JavaScript bug which enabled IDIOTS like him to send a HTML and CSS code to trick around in chat room.

Now it is fixed, let me reveal the method.

He sends > <script> javascript handler with jquery detecting dom elements and changing them using CSS codes. Then attaching a predefined text message in a javascript value to send it form all users who logged in the room. ( i know it sounds programming language, people who have programming knowledge, sure they will get it )

It is just a trick :) not a hack. >> nothing is compromised NOR he did anything worse.

That fucker just have a fucking Xiamoi china mobile which cost : 6thousand INR.. he cant hack shit.

Anyway people >> clear your browser cache and i have updated the new patch fix and removed GIF, youtube option FOR NOW.