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Tribute: Ur most Fav SPB playlist


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In other words, you are asking me to name the most precious jewel in a big chest full of the most precious jewels. I am left pondering for choice for such is the melody, variety, pathos and depth SPB has packed into each song and all his songs are my favorites. Choosing the most favorite one will be a Himalayan task.

Anyways , I'll tell u the top 3 favorite songs of mine sung by SPB garu...

1.https://youtu.be/7ng5QbdtUSU (subhaleka raasukunna from kondaveeti donga)

2.https://youtu.be/JrrX-_johZ4 (sundari from dalapathi)

3.https://youtu.be/zxRilmBZ7FU (Jabilli kosam from manchi manasulu)