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Top 15 searches on Google worldwide: 2020


Cupid Of ZoZo
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Do you type google in the google search bar everytime then this list is for people like us who is obsessed with doing all the insane searches on Google. Everytime we find some funny, interesting, weird search suggestions also popping up on google.

Heres top 15 searches made on google as of 2020 worldwide. Most of it are definetely brands searches. The list also includes adult contents and sites.
  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. gmail
  4. google
  5. hotmail
  6. pornhub
  7. Amazon
  8. whatsapp web
  9. x videos
  10. xnxx
  11. Translate
  12. Netflix
  13. Yahoo
  14. Instagram
  15. Google maps
Funny Observations from the search results. Just for fun.
  • I am not alone people usually search google on google.
  • Noone is bothered to use its shortcuts of google products listed. They search google products also in the search bar.
  • People want to make gogle envious so they search their competitors site like yahoo.
  • Netflix will be shocked to find that three adult sites got more searches than theirs.
  • Where is twitter, will they start trending to reach the search list. Instagram clicked lucky.
Did you have any top search list on google? Like, Share and also subscribe with any funny observations. Just practicing to start youtube channel now.


News Buff of ZoZo
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I type google very often in browser to check if my net is working or not ,up to mark.!
Will it be counted :Cwl: