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The Gold Rush: 49ers football

Ok folks, the big day is here finally!! Opening day of the NFL!!

Today the 49ers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that hasn't seen these two face off since 2019. These two teams have been going head to head against one another since 1951, so far the 9ers hold a 12-10 record all time against the "Steel Curtain" of Pittsburgh.

The 9ers will be traveling east to face off against the Steelers at 1:00pm EST in Pittsburgh. Be there or be square.
soooo the first game of the season is now officially in the books.

It would seem the red and gold machine is still firing on all cylinders, offense defense and special teams all played exceptionally well against a much hyped up and vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers, either the Steelers are a really bad team, or they played against an outstanding 9ers organization. Whatever the case may be.. they lost, badly.

San Francisco 49ers: (1-0) 30
Pittsburgh Steelers: (0-1) 7
alrighty folks, we have a division rival coming up this Sunday in the Los Angeles Rams.

Los Angeles Rams: (1-0)
San Francisco 49ers: (1-0)

The 9ers make their long trek back west after their game against Pittsburgh and are set to take on the Super Bowl champions of 2022 these two teams have a long storied history beginning in 1950.

The 9ers hold an all time record of 77 wins vs 68 losses against the Rams.

The game will be played in Los Angeles making this the second time in a row that the 49ers will be playing away from home.

Sunday in Los Angeles 09/17/23 at 4:05pm EST
alrighty then 9er fans!! Mark another check in the win column. Wasn't pretty, but Purdy lead the team to another win. He is now the first rookie QB in NFL history to start his first 7 games during regular season, score at least 2 touchdowns in each game, and WIN. I'll take that, especially against division rivals Los Angeles Rams...

San Francisco 49ers: (2-0) 30
Los Angeles Rams: (1-1) 23
we got ourselves a Thursday night game coming up, a short week so that kinda sucks, but hey, the 9ers will be back home and ready to take on the New York Giants this Thursday folks.

These two teams have faced off against one another a total of 42 times over the years with the series being tied, 21-21
The last time they met up, the 9ers beat the Giants 36-9. lets see if they can keep that trend up

New York Giants (1-1)
San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

Thursday in San Francisco 09/21/23 at 8:15pm EST