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Sunny Leone's day at the beach

Main Hu Tera Humsafar

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After spending some time of the lockdown in Mumbai, Sunny Leone flew to Los Angeles with her husband Daniel Weber and children – Nisha, Asher and Noah. Talking about their flight, she recently said, “Surprisingly, the children reacted very well to flying out. It was a very long journey, but the first day that they were home, they played outside all day. They didn’t want to come inside at all, and it was amazing for them to be able to do that. As far as the body clocks go, it’s just a process and took a few days to adjust. Nisha’s virtual classes have ended. They will start when the new academic year commences.”
The actress posted a picture on her social media that has her standing by the beach. Currently, Sunny isn’t sure when they will be able to return to Mumbai. She added, “The plan to return to India is based on the international airports. As soon we can fly back, we will. We want to be on the next flight to India.” On the work front, the actress has been busy with TV shows and other Bollywood commitments.