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NFL conference finals ahead


The NFL season almost is over, so what are your predictions for the upcoming conference finals?


Jaguars? Really? Never thought I would witness the day the Jax will join the playoffs. Can they also be a potential Super Bowl candidate?
Well, I think so, if they have a perfect day and the Pats a horrible day, which is not so unlikely as they were showing very different performances this season. On the other hand, especially in the last games it looks like they found back their "stability", hence it will be very difficult for Jacksonville.

So my prediction for it: New England will enter the SB with moderate win over the Jaguars


My heart beats for the Vikings. Especially I think it would be cook if they were the first team to play a "home" Super Bowl. But to achieve this they must play much better than last game (especially their performance in the 2nd half). It will be a very tough game as I think the Eagles are the more balanced and stable team.

My prediction for that game with a bleeding heart: Philly will get a moderate win (but I cross my fingers for a close with for the "mead drinking nordic" guys :D)

So, anybody else has any predictions? Wishes? Hopes? Dreams? Fears? Just tell me/us :)