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Informative Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric Sedan To Offer Driving Range of 700 Km


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If the claimed range is tested true, the Mercedes EQS will surpass the Tesla Model S as the EV with the highest driving range

Big brands in the automobile industry are focussing heavily on improving their EV technology. Manufacturers like Porsche and BMW are playing catch-up to Tesla, Mercedes-Benz has gone a step further with its latest announcement about the EQS electric sedan.

Mercedes has claimed that the production version of the EQS will offer a driving range of more than 435 miles (roughly equal to 700 km). In comparison, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus offers an EPA-certified driving range of 400 miles (around 645 km). Mercedes-Benz’s claim seems to be quite optimistic, but entirely realistic

The battery pack of the Mercedes EQS will be manufactured in-house by the company, but the battery size has not been revealed. Sources claim that it will be bigger than 100 kWh, which is the battery size of the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus. The battery will power two electric motors, one at each axle, with expected maximum power and torque rating of 469 hp and 760 Nm, respectively

Mercedes EQS will be a large-size sedan, much like the S-Class, with matching levels of luxury as well. In fact, the EQS will perhaps be one of the most luxurious EVs in the world. The exterior design of the production model is also expected to retain the charm of the Vision EQS concept vehicle first shown at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show. The launch is speculated to happen during the second half of 2021.

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Go green :hearteyes:. But indian manufactures sucks in this even the concept is wide open it may be due to battery. Need to concentrate on it :(.

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