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Mention the weirdest place you slept in your life?

Mahesh Babu

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Thank God for staying on my side since childhood so that I never had experience of sleeping in weird places except my Bed until and unless I need to sleep on floor for some or other relevant reasons!! :heart1: :heart1:

affair m34

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The most weirdest place i slept was on driver seat while on drive and stand before the gate of death and came back alive.

5 of my friends just gone to picnic plan to return same day night and while on highways at 140 km speed per hour due to beer i drunk earlier fall asleep on drive just 2 seconds and the car hits the center meridian thrown off on opposite side of the road above 6 ft height and fall down luckily no vehicle passed opposite side, still manage to stop the car & it runs little before and stop without any minor injury none of us. caz of innova we all survived.

i still kept that car & using for long drive even many ask to change but i don't want caz its body was very strong enough to protect us. we came out and one of my frnd still sitting iidle inside, we shout and pull him out & later he told us, he thought he is dead lol. the car half of the front got damaged and i don't hv licence to drive at that time apart from that drunken drive. later one of my frnd with driving licence came forward to help to handle the legal formality.

caz of that innova we all survived. i still using that car for long drive even many ask to change but i don't want caz its body was very strong enough to protect u.s from that day i never drink while i drive and if i feel sleepy stops immediate and sleep near some petrol station or some shops. from 3 am to 5 am its crucial time for accidents. so take care always when some one drive or u drive. concentration highly required while driving else its sucide.


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My-self in the bathroom when I was young my mommy usually wake me up quickly at 4 am and go to washroom check wheather the floor is dry or wet if it is dry I will sleep for a while untill my mommy come and call my name what a sleeping attrocities :Laugh1:

Same pinch ! I have too :highfive: But as an adult on the cold dry floor :giggle: