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Hello lovely people :)

Today I took some time to introduce you to another great part of our site, that maybe not many of you have seen, and that is our ZoZo Blog.

zozo blog one.png

I believe some of you, if not all of you, are now wondering "How come I didn't know we had a blog?", well there's a logic reason not so many of us didn't know about it: when coming to ZoZo we imediately log in the chat rooms and very rarely scroll up to read what's at the top bar, but just as forum our blog also provides different info and different content on many topics related to our chat site and other subjects.

You can see circled in red the blog section of the site. Click there and it will lead you to the blog homepage:

zozo blog dois.png

Just as on forum we offer different content on different topics, articles such as the one you can see right there, among other different informations and tips on how to be safe online.

If you look at the right column you'll see the blog categories and recent posts:

zozo blog categories.png

We have 8 categories total Awareness, Chat Rooms, Contest, FaQ, How To, Knowledge, Uncategorized and Updates.

  1. Awareness: On this category you can find important information about the site, such as the age restriction (18+ only) and why here on zozo we do not have a teen chat room page.
  2. Chat Rooms: On this category you can find info about the chat rooms in general, how to keep yourself safe and how ZoZo differs from many other chat rooms when it comes to girls on cam and online dating.
  3. Contest: This category was last updated in November 2015 and it was a contest in which users had to take a selfie showing their ZoZo sign in. (We'll work on new contests soon)
  4. FaQ: On this category you can find frequent answers and questions users usually have while first coming to the site. Uing this section can save a great deal of time and sometimes save you from some minor toubles while interacting with other users or when you face small technical issues.
  5. How To: On our blog we offer different topics, chat related and general topics, we do our best to provide useful information to all the people who come t the site, so on this category you can find very different information with useful tips, such as how to ear money with cam shows, explaining how to make it happen in an easy and fast way, and most importantly how you can contact zozo team for any kind of assistance you need.
  6. Knowledge: On this category you'll find articles discussing usual topics we find online (mainly sex related because this is after all an adult chat room) and topics that we usually discuss with friends while sitting at a table at a bar for instace.
  7. Uncategorized: On this category you'll find basic information about the site, such as how to become a member of ZoZo chat.
  8. Updates: This category has not received the new info on the updates we've been having, when the updates planned are all inserted it will be updated.
Below you can see the recent posts:

zozo blog recent posts.png

So when you open the blog you can immediately see what has been posted and the recent comments from other users and members.

So today instead of imediately signing in on chat rooms, open a different tab and explore our blog, I promise you will not regret ;) :)


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Let me update the blogs topics from this month for viewers convenience:

Topics for the month of June 2020:

Practice Netiquette : Solace to clean online reputation:

Sending Nudes : Nakedness lies in the intention of a Beholder:

Keep yourself updated and be aware of technological boon and bane


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I have gone through few of this when I was about to register my I'd officially :Laugh1: did little bit of home work but recently I haven't checked any updates. Thank you @Rapunzel foe keeping us updated :rock:


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If u remember,
@maya21f you did homework before joining the site really RoFL. Share your inputs of how your background check went.:oops:

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When the discussion was happening regarding the mod for telugu room I told u already I have gone through the site n did little bit of home work thats how I know about zozo started in 2013 and flash chat few things haha, was jobless n bored so just gone through the site details. :Cwl::holiday:i know that sounds weird doing homework to join a adult site but lol no other job to do lol.


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@Administrator look we got some tough competitive user with all the background knowledge @maya21f o_O
No no no no :shake: i have to explore more about the site haha. am just a normal user lol.

Only 1thing I have in mind is "know about the place what ur doing n where u gonna land" (even work place in real or virtual world).

Having little bit of knowledge about what we do is imp is what I think. :Laugh1: