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Long drive: Choose your seat


Long drive depends on my partner. If I have a loved one sitting next to me, I prefer to be a driver or else I want to sit back and relax myself.


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I usually don't get sleep while travelling and I like to watch the nature sitting comfortably....



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Shotgun, would love to take dj role n enjoying sitting next to driver seat.
Most imp if it's my man I would always sit next to him to drive him crazy while he drives the car. :holiday:
I don't like to sit in back seat I feel bored n sleepy :zzz:


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mostly shotgun( and yea imma mad dj) can control every music played:giggle: , rarely the driver. Long distance trip preferred back seat :yawn: :hearteyes: (can own entire seat, plus some snacks)


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Always a short gun while at night travel because iam the one who have the experience in night shifts :p so if any trip pepole says go and speak with driver. And we speal politics business economy his life stories my life stories etc. Nice to speak with drivers with a ilayaraja Song singing in the background:hearteyes: last jan went on a trip for 7 days same iam thr drivers friend;)

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The purpose of long drive is useless when there is a driver instead of ur girl lol. The driver looks ur romance through mirror and forget to see the front & u may miss lots of fun lol. fly above 170 + km per hr in cruise control with one hand on the steering and other playing with the girl sitting next ......... ....

caution pls don't try this unless ur expert in driving and romance :Laugh1:1598617599353.gif
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