• Hello People, The Chat Room is Still Under Development , So please bare with the time.We are trying to make it the best.-Team ZoZo

log in problem



there's not been an update since the chat changed, it's timed you out - your logon will auto log off after about 5 mins of inactivity then you can log back in. It's happened to a few people when you loose connection


Unlike the other plataform, the chat room doesn't reset either like it did before every 6 hours. So the reason why this happens is mainly because of your internet connection, if it gets weak you'll get disconnected, inactivity is also one of the reasons. Just wait a little bit, just like Groom said, the chat will automatically log you out. There's no need for any of us to get upset over it, let's keep the light mood :) you can also try clearing your cache if that happens and refreshing right after, it helped other users before. If not login as a guest and contact the admins/mod online at the moment, we will be more than glad to help.

Soon the updates will come and will be implemented and just as we've been asking from all of you since the change happened, keep checking the forum for further information and use it to bring the issues you may find. Patience and time are the key words :)