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List of new bug fixes and pre-release update


Staff member
Hey folks, here i'm sharing all the list of new bug fixed, this patch update will be rolled out in 2 days. This is the pre-update announcement before releasing the patch update.

>> Username with numbers/Private Message Issue
{users are not able to send messages to users who have number in-front of their usernames}

>> Cant send message in chat
{for some reason username does not have any value in it, it acts as null value at certain circumstance. which cause broken script.}

>> Login forever tick doesn't makes any sense / Refactor login cache
{now users do not have to login again until the cache time expires, which is 28 days. Which helps people from fighting with google Re-captcha "are you a robot"}

{an core application is updated to latest version to avoid chat lags and shooting up all messages at once.}

>> Invalid CSRF token
{This is related to the old version of chat framework, will be fixed once we update to latest version, this not a big deal, but will get fixed on next update.}

>> Added ban reason
{Now banned users are able to view reason on chat screen, why they got the banned and when does it expires}
{Admins, have an option to enter the ban reason manually and can see ban reason in admin panel too. Which helps us to find out, why some user is banned.}

>> Remove Private option from Female-Owner, Female-admin, female-moderator
{Removed private chat option for Female-Owner, Female-admin, female-moderator}

>> Add Chat Application Version
{Added chat application version on chat page to make sure which version are we using right now. Which helps us to keep in track of new bugs, when users face something.}

>> Closing Private chat window closes the cam window also.
{Cam broadcasting window/cam viewing window get closed when we close the private window of the same person}

We are still working on new updates to bring more new features and trying to keep zozo bug free environment.