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Indians emerging as prolific users of filters in selfies: Google study

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Indian Girls can't take selfie without using filters...? What's your take in it?

Go through the findings of Google study below.

Indian women are enthusiastic about the ability to beautify their images and Indian men use filters to focus on the story aspect, it said.

“More than 70% of the photos taken on an Android device use the front-facing camera, Indians are active selfie takers and sharers, and they consider filters a useful tool in enhancing their appearance and presenting their best self,”

“Indian women, in particular, are enthusiastic about their ability to beautify their images, and they make use of a variety of filtering apps and editing tools to achieve a desired look.

Men are not behind....

Indian men are also active selfie-takers and users of filters but they tend to focus more on the story aspect rather than their appearance.