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So even if we like some one v should not express to impress them or notify the person
No No ofcourse u can .:p
Ofcourse u have to say/admit or else how would the person know.In some cases they know already even if u dont admit it and that’s beautiful too!❤
So it depends.o_O


Bullet Raavan
How come a peep in chat comes to know that we are interested that can't be unless we tell or impress
Do NOT under any circumstances tell her you love her so much! This is a turn off and a complete anti-thesis of challenge and the concept of non-neediness--which are traits a man should have to keep a woman's love.

If you're really crazy for her, chances are she already know it. She could read it on you. Just treat her right. If you're patient enough, if she feels the same she'll express this first. And this is the only time that you should tell her that you love her. But never before.
It's better if she does the adoring first because this is a sign that she's ready to accept your love.