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How much longer for German room?

Can the German room last much longer, or will it follow in the footsteps of the Incest room? It is a well known fact that German room has been a natural haunt for Paedophiles and Beastiality. As an ex-moderator of this room, I know that a lot of the German members are offended by such subjects and do report to Admins or Mods when they are online, myself included. I know that the Admins and Moderators have their own real lives to deal with and that their time online might be limited, but unless something more pro-active is done soon then those sick people who ruin it for the rest of us will win the battle, if not the war.


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Totaly agree with you good people are leaving the room because of the activity's of a few we definatley need a greater presence of mods or admins


Something I can assure you is: they will not win the battle and never the war we fight daily against them. They've found their match and we will take them down. As of today I will be posted on German Room officially, so any users that need my help in other rooms will find me there. We will not allow those sick people to take over the room and ruin it for others.