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How many times you thought of quitting ZoZo and what made you staying back?

Deepak Kiran

Active Member
How many times you thought of quitting ZoZo, and what made you think like that? :nerdy:

and what made you staying back or coming back once again ? :wait:


Staff member
To quit was never on my list, why is it harmful or dangerous to be yourself.
Attimes I go lost elsewhere, it happens with lot of girls out here. Because they are not considered equals in the real world how much ever we keep talking on about we respect womens decision and freedom.
I keep coming back just for Me,because it needs to be found where i see myself alive.


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i ve said many times to my girl that i got frustrated and i am gonna leave :p but then she will say "va da inga overa scene podadha" then i get back to her, how will i leave when she is here