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Gifs and Pics auto popping up


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Z .. is there a way we can go back to having to click on a pic if we want to see it? I prefer, and many others have said it as well, to choose what pics I see. I can only speak for me, but its a huge turn off to see the pics auto-populate in the room. I have no desire to see dick pics slapping me in the face when I just want to come here and chat with my friends. I post sexy pics in the room at times and I am sure some people would rather not see mine pop up automatically in the room. The pedos are on to this as well and they post the pic before the mod or admin has time to delete it.

So, all that being said.. Please for the love of my sanity, my eyes, and for the freedom to choose (just throwing in) make it stop or else I'm sending you my therapy bill. :)

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@Cntrygrl yeah i get it, but in current UI. we can'st do anything right now, becoz the new UI is almost finished and we doing the final stage updates.

in new UI, you will have an option to enable or disable the image preview.