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Formula 1: Renault And Red Bull Open To Working Again With Each Other

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Honda's exit from the formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season means that the red bull team and its sister alpha tauri team will be left without an engine when the sport enters a new era of regulations in 2022. This has opened the door for red bull to rekindle its old partnership with Renault with who it won four world titles at the turn of the last decade. While the partnership ended rather acrimoniously in 2017, it now appears the bosses of both F1 teams are open to working together with each - and not just being forced to come together because of the unfortunate circumstances.

1.Red Bull and Renault may be forced to work together in 2022
2.It is highly unlikely that there would be any new engine manufacturer

3.Red Bull has access to Honda's engine IP and will develop on top of that

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Hamilton is a champion no doubt, however, you just can't stop Max Verstappen too... Who has proved he is an excellent racer