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Filmoholic's View: Holidate (2020)


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I’ve officially started watching Christmas movies! Well, in my opinion, Holidate is an all-year-long movie, but regardless, I’m ready for holiday season, hot chocolate, twinkling stars and opening up presents.

Netflix’s new RomCom Holidate is not only hilarious, but got a aussie handsome hunk and a cutie vibrant pair to ogle at.

Holidate is a movie that we did not know we needed this year but when we are looking for spending our holidays with cozy pajamas its a perfect cuddle couch watch.

I was reluctant to watch it, and I have no clue why because I tried another plus one movie already this year which set the bar really high. Still this similar plot of fixed dates on Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines’, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas again and a wedding didnt spoil the treats.This movie is right up my alley because it is predictable, fun, and a little bit dirty. Down the line this platonic relationships escapades turns in to developing feelings for each other.

Its true holidays are stressful. Human beings aren’t meant to be alone on the holidays. We actually need warmth, companionship and someone to drunk mock strangers with at parties.

If Ryan Gosling were to walk in and dance with you to the theme of ‘Dirty Dancing,’ will you reject him?;

Im ready to jump on the Ryan Gosling train. Lets understand the innermost fears and desires to overcome the things we are scared of. What about you?

Everything ends eventually. So why sit around and wait for it to happen. Life is giving you a moment. Don’t f*ck it up.