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Ending toxic cycles take time.


Life is made of cycles, some last longer than others, some are healthier than others, but some may take us down and get us stuck for so long that we end up getting used to it, and lacking the proper sight and judgement of realizing that it's time to end that cycle and move on.

Some cycles are natural, biologically speaking, we are born and we grow, and every stage of life it's also a cycle we must reach the end of it and go to the next one. It represents the constant of life that is: evolution. Our bodies will grow, change, no matter how hard we try fighting it, it's nature, it's life. But the cycle I am referring to is not all that natural, cause not always our minds are ready to let go of things and move forward. But believe me when I say, we never move backwards, we may sometimes find ourselves stuck on something, and it's part of our inner process of mental evolution and growth.

Many things in life can be considered toxic: relationships we have, habits we have etc... Most of the time we fail to see that what we do or the people we connect are toxic, and instead of making us any good, they're actually wrecking us. It's not easy to see the signs, because usually what becomes toxic, starts with something often great that gives us an illusion of happiness, but that in time it turns into something consuming and the longer you stay the more wounded you get.

We usually think toxic relationships are only romantic ones, but it might also be a friend, your boss, a co-worker, a family member. When under toxic atmosphere for a long time, we start thinking that that is the only way possible of living, that soon becomes our normality and we tend to settle. But why should we ever settle for what hurts us? Or that somehow changes us into something we're not?

We often think that we have the power to change the people or the situation, from worst to best, but that is a huge mistake, it's not up to us to sacrifice who we truly are in order to change/transform that person or situation, the best thing we do is to take a step back, slowly, back away and start our cleansing.

The wounds sometimes are way too deep, we never really know how hurt and contaminated we are till we stop doing what we are doing. And most importantly, the acquired behaviors take time to be lost, it's like a blind person who recovers the ability to see. It will take time, but it will happen. So if you're going through something like this, keep in mind that there's no rush, everything will fall into place.
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