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Do you play vr/ar console games?


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As we know it's getting more popular to play virtual reality/ augmented reality games. New generation. Do you play such games?


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All my life I used to play just pc games because I had no money for buying playstation or xbox consoles. But back in 2017 I decided to spend my savings on ps4 and since then I've been playing only console games. I also tried virtual reality games but didn't like those I played so I prefer augmented reality. I trully hope that ar development will become more exciting process and people will get more interesting games to play.
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Ooo my son has the VR headset I got it for his xmas, and I love it!! omg i love it lol Beats Sabre is me go to if a get a go on it lol and me son got a came called Five nights at Freddys an i played the first 20secs am not able for it hahaha


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