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Dedicated to all Korean Drama Addicts


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Levels of Korean Drama Addicts:

Started to begin the journey without knowing what the consequences are.
Someone suggested Boys over flowers or Playfull Kiss
Reading subtitles are tiring job
At the end of the day, you find it intriguing.

Slowing it is growing on you
Watching dramas of similar cast of your earlier dramas
You are getting to learn korean words
Tempted to explore thier culture
Craving for ramen, triangle gimbap and soju

Miniature K drama addict:
Officially bing watcher
Dramas have taken over yourself
Exploring various genres especially historical side of drama
Speaks few korean words like oppa, aigoo and sarange
Secretly wish you would have lived in south korea

Official K drama addict:
Cant pass a day without watching drama
You know all the websites where drama will be updated and their schedule
Your wish list got visit seoul or jeju island
Completely dedicated to all oppas
You know all kpop gossips

Veteran K drama addict:
You are watching it for years now
All the in and out jargons are understood
Reached acceptance level you cannot live without dramas
No turning back is possible

Legendary K drama addict:
You are a sunbae of dramas
You got hands on knowledge you are gonna to expand your radar to chinese, japanes and Taiwanese.
You can understand korean without subtitles (atleast you think you can)
You watched almost all dramas
Walking library for your friends to refer.

Anyone wants you to go to rehabilitation by this time.

No matter what the people around you say, you are gonna stay forever addicts.
Best thing happened in my life is I came across south korean dramas. Love of life.:heart1:


My 1st Korean drama was boys over flowers n still go through the clips of it just to see Lee min hoo

All my frnds use to tease me as kg (Korean girl)

Best of Korean dramas is u will never get bored of love, historic series

The love and passion towards eachothers makes u fall in love n understand what ur love mean me you

MY favourite word is oppa. ( which I use to call my ex) :heart1:


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One girl told me to watch koren series she shared some movies to me like weeding dress and heart paws its still the best i dont like watching movies but the shared girl was special so watched it :Cwl: but both still the best

Deepak Kiran

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I never watched Korean dramas and this week one of my friend a girl and not Maya suggested with a list of Korean series like
Moon lovers, Boys over flowers, Faith, Doctor strange, Oh my venus,... and that girl likes horrors and thrillers