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Bizzare tablets: Pick one


Cupid Of ZoZo
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@Aphrodite you always pulling admin card to pick three tablets, sexual superpowers.
Im running out of stock because of your ways.

Next time you should come with tablets so I can use my cards to empty your stash of pills.:giggle:


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1st one - look 15yrs younger.
Increase bust cup - yes yes haha.

Mind reading - naah I don't wanna know what ppl think about me.
Invisible - I can try but it last only for an hr.
Freeze - what will I do freezing everyone, watching freezes bodies all alone.:Dull:
Height - hmm i feel am gud with my height. (avg Indian girl height).
X-ray - Ohh godddd, I can't see them I might get high haha.:rofl1:
Communicate with animals - I would prefer but what if they wanna bite me


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Before food or after food :rolleyes: is that tablet will bitter. What are the mixtures in that tablet with what percentage