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  1. Kamini24

    Thank you!!

    Hello bad guys!! Hope you all are doing great :fingercross:. So I am getting into hibernation. I may not come back. I want to thank all of you for making it a great journey for me. It is a short one for sure, but still an awesome one. You taught me many things. Thanks to our Telugu room...
  2. Kamini24

    Suggestion regarding abuse management in the chatrooms

    Hello Staff!! I don't know whether it can be implemented or not but since some people are making drama on the forum and accusing staff members, I just wanted to suggest an idea. Why can't we have a voting system when there is no admin/mod around in the rooms to ban the abusers? Let me explain...
  3. Kamini24

    Beef and other meats (Part 3)

    Hello good guys!! If you didn't read part 2 of this discussion go ahead and give it a read. https://www.chatzozo.com/forum/threads/beef-and-other-meats-part-2.8512/ Moving on to the remaining questions. 7.Does being a staunch vegetarian makes you weak? Let's first analyze why people think...
  4. Kamini24

    Beef and other meats (Part 2)

    Hello good guys!! If you didn't read part 1 of this discussion go ahead and give it a read. https://www.chatzozo.com/forum/threads/beef-and-other-meats-part-1.8502/ So let's discuss the remaining questions. 5.Why we should avoid eating meat? As I said earlier, we are evolved to be...
  5. Kamini24

    Beef and other meats (Part 1)

    Hello good guys!! Do you know beef is banned in some states in India? Do you know that people can get killed if they eat beef/kill a cow in some areas of India? If you don't know about the ban by the states, read the page below after reading the thread...
  6. Kamini24

    More memes, more fun!!

    Hello bad guys!! I see some people creating memes on me and I really liked them, it's super fun :holiday:. So if anyone of you wants to make memes on me, friends, enemies, fans, or haters, it doesn't matter. No matter how dumb the memes are, even if they are attitude wali memes, rude memes...
  7. Kamini24

    Dedicate a song to yourself or anyone you like!!!

    Good morninggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ZoZo. You are here with Kamini24, listening to 98.3 ZoZo FM, ZoZo mirchi, it's so hot guru :Cwl:. After hearing a song, have you ever felt that it was written for you/someone you know? If you did, just post the link to...
  8. Kamini24

    Don't be a fake! (The Reality Check)

    Hello bad guys!! How are you doing? Probably doing awesome. I urge all people to use 100% of your brain while reading this thread and take a logical approach. Let's talk about fake ids and lies we tell in ZoZo. Trust me, after reading this post, your minds will crack open, your wisdom will...
  9. Kamini24

    Unrequited love for life

    Unrequited love is a cancer. But it is a beautiful cancer one can have, it kills you slowly yet beautifully. It is the same feeling for men and women (Okay, I agree more painful for men). My all-time fav Unrequited love songs And which unrequited song collection doesn't have My...
  10. Kamini24

    The Dark World of Prostitution

    Yet another long thread :facepalm:. Is she crazy? She is definitely crazy (that is what you are thinking, I know, I am a psychic :holiday:). Hello folks! If you don't have time or not into long threads, then I suggest you skip this one. I am writing this thread because of two reasons. The...
  11. Kamini24

    Awards for unfunny people!!

    Let's have a competition!! If you think you are unfunny, then you came to the right thread. Hey, we both are alike ;). Now I want you to write a joke. People will give it a like if they like your joke. The person who gets more likes for his/her joke will be the winner. Let's make someone...
  12. Kamini24

    Informative Menstruation taboos DEBUNKED!!

    Let's talk about "Menstruation", "Periods" or do you prefer "Chums" :think:. And let's talk about taboos related to it. It is gonna be long, I hope you survive :holiday: . I wanted to post this in the All About Sex section but it needs to be reached to everyone around. So I posted it in here...
  13. Kamini24

    Incest taboo EXPLAINED!!

    Now some of you people might be thinking "Oh oh oh! Now this girl wanna talk about incest? Has she gone crazy? Maybe she loves incest". Nah, I am not here to support incest or fight against incest. I am just here to lay some facts in front of you. I am talking about "incest" because everyday in...
  14. Kamini24

    How to handle boobies?

    Hello, bad guysssss!! Let's talk about that part in which women take great pride in and you men always get excited about. Boobs!! Here we go. How to handle boobies? For men: 1)Keep in mind that boobs are not stress balls, so just don't squeeze them, it hurts. 2)Always play with them gently...
  15. Kamini24

    The 5-B formula for a great life

    1)Be yourself 2)Believe yourself 3)Build yourself 4)Behave yourself 5)Be happy Repeat these B's everyday. I am sure you will have a great life :angel:.
  16. Kamini24

    The types of Love

    It is my first article and I am discussing the most complex, important, and painful topic in the whole universe which got crushed and fitted into a 4 letter word called "Love":heart1:. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Let's do this :nodding:. It is gonna be long, so if you get bored in the middle...