If your a new member trying to understand how to navigate zozo, we’d like to welcome you to the “Getting to know ZoZo” tour! On our homepage, you will see a Chat now option, click it to discover the various selections of rooms! For this tour, we will be entering the SEX CHAT ROOM. As you can see, we have a guest login option, however we do recommend logging in with a FACEBOOK OR TWITTER account option for the best ZOZO experience. Signing in with a social profile allows our users to share pictures privately and publicly.

Please note that picture sharing is ONLY for the registered users through Facebook or twitter. Here you can see a sample Facebook profile logged in, and the options that are given to our registered users. Sometimes even though you log in, the upload picture icon isn’t readily available. You can correct this by logging out, and re logging in. Simply click your profile picture, and select Log out from the drop-down menu and re enter once again. Should you chose, you may also update your status on your social profile and invite your friends. Now that we are properly logged in, we can see the send image icon. This will open the picture files on your computer, double click to select any age appropriate picture to post, it should follow zozo’s rules and guidelines. Please be sure to check out our chat help tab from the home page for frequently asked questions, rules, and technical support. Now that your a pro, you can begin enjoying other users posted pictures as well, just click view image and start the beginning of a great time.
As a guest user, you will notice that you do not have a picture sharing option.